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Everything was going so well, and then you realize your keys are nowhere to be found, or worse, just broke off inside your door lock or car's ignition. Now, your day just took an unexpected and unwanted detour. Don't panic, and don't be embarrassed, because it's something that just about everyone has experienced at least once. It's something that has happened to just about everyone at one time or another, but now it's happened to you. Your otherwise normally scheduled day just became an emergency situation. Worse yet, maybe someone has broken into your home, office, or car making it time to step up your security systems.

Don't wait thinking this will never happen to you! Make sure you, your employees, and your children are secure. The time to find a qualified expert technician who can help you when you need it most is now, not in the heat of the moment of an inconvenient emergency. Do your research ahead of time to find someone who is nearby, skilled and reliable and able to be by your side to help in a moment's notice. Find a professional you know you will be able to trust to ensure your security at home, at work, and behind the wheel.

Our St Petersburg Experts Are Ready To Help With Your Automobile Emergency

When you need immediate service to get back inside your vehicle that is locked or provide you with duplicate keys, even program a key fob or transponder key on the spot, you want to be able to rely on someone who is local, nearby, and knows how to get to where you are instantly. You don't need to pick up the phone only to realize you have contacted a national call center who is merely going to dispatch their available technician who could be located as far away as an adjoining state or faraway county. Instead, call one of our trained and knowledgeable technicians in St Petersburg FL who is ready to meet you where you are, equipped with all of the tools and technology needed to get your day back on track, as soon as you call.


Feel Safe and Secure in Your Own Home

No one should ever feel unsafe in their own home. Find a qualified professional before your security is threatened and you find yourself in need of urgent services. When you move into a new place and don’t know who has access to your points of entry or are standing outside of your front door to your house unable to open it because you have lost your keys, you will wish you had someone to call to come to you in a hurry during these unsettling moments.

Maybe you know exactly where your keys are, and they are in perfect working condition, but you have heard reports of break-ins in your neighborhood, or someone has attempted to break into your private residence. If this is the case, it’s time to take immediate action to protect yourself from future burglaries or loss.

Count on us for Commercial Safety and Security

The state-of-the-art, complex technology that helps keep us safe with sophisticated security systems also makes it necessary to call in an expert when something goes wrong. If you are a business or commercial property owner who leases space to tenants, it is not only your responsibility to build a business but also to ensure the safety of your property and those who work for you or lease an apartment or condominium from you. It is crucial to always have someone on call who can be trusted with and is knowledgeable and up-to-date on workplace and apartment or condominium dwelling security, ready to show up when you need it most.

Count on 10 Minute Locksmith Of St Petersburg to re-establish your peace of mind and safety after employee or renter turnover occurs. Keep your important papers and your property secure with proper maintenance of all door, safe, storage units, or filing cabinet security systems. Implement and stay up to date with the utmost in cutting-edge devices to keep you safe with rotating codes, voice and face recognition or fingerprint technology.

We Are Always Open And Ready to Help with 24/7 Service

Don't worry about waking us. We won’t ever put up a closed or do not disturb sign. You can count on our anytime 24/7 service as a promise and guarantee. We are always ready to take your call and quickly attend to your needs, coming to you when you need us at your convenience. We've got your security covered no matter what time of day or night it is. We never take a holiday when it comes to our customers. Call us anytime. Our phone lines are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that includes weekends and holidays. We will send a properly equipped and skilled technician to where you are with all of the needed tools and knowledge to handle your emergency. Don’t worry about an overpriced bill, either. In keeping with the area’s low cost of living, we will always do our utmost to provide you an accurate estimation of cost before any service is performed.

If You Are Local, We Are Close And On The Way

We have you covered from the Historic Old Northeast neighborhood to Eagle or Winwood Pointe, down to Lakewood Estates or Bahama Shores, out to Jungle Terrace, Holiday Park, or Baseball City, both sides of Dr MLK Jr. Street and anywhere within the surrounding Pinellas County of St. Pete, Tampa Bay, or Clearwater area. We come to you whether you travel the Sunshine Skyway Bridge frequently to get back and forth to work or came to the area as a visitor to enjoy the gulf coast and pleasant weather of Sunshine City with golfing, boating, fishing, waterfront parks and museums, or to enjoy some time soaking in the fresh air at the beach with sailboats and sunsets.

Whether you are in a retirement community, a college or university, an apartment, condominium, at Don CeSar’s pink sandcastle hotel, in a private beach house, or in one of the more than one-hundred neighborhoods in the gulf shore area, we are easy going but are never laid back about your safety.

We know the zip codes, streets, homes, beaches and businesses of the area because we are local. From the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve to Lake Maggiore, Pinellas Point Park, up to Campbell Park and all of the beaches, businesses, and houses in between the 33705 zip code area. We come to you anywhere within the 33701 zip code from where 33704 zip code borders it on the north side to 18th Avenue on the south. We show up to where you are within the 33712 zip code whether you’ve lost your keys at Dell Holmes Park or Loggerhead Marina or need help anywhere east of Hwy. 275. If you can’t get into your car, home, or office anywhere from any spot along the amazing white powder sand beaches to inland north or east within the 33711 area, we are ready to assist you on the spot. We know our way around the waterfront and the more inland zip codes within 33713 from 1st Avenue North to 38th Avenue North, anywhere east of 49th Street North out to Booker Creek Park or Woodlawn Park, and we know our way around the 33702, 33703, and 33716 zip codes, south of Gandy Boulevard and both sides of the interstate.

From the historic districts near the bay to the center of downtown filled with tall buildings that hold businesses, shops, restaurants, art galleries, and museums, we will be by your side when you need help at one of the numerous parks in the area. We will get your day back on track quickly when you are at home, at work, when you can’t get back into your car after enjoying a sporting event or are trying to have a relaxing afternoon in the sun on the harbor, beaches, or the calm blue-green water.

Don't wait! Call us now to see how we can help serve your needs.
Recent Reviews
Review by Cristina on 15-03-2016
The morning of the biggest job interview I’ve ever had I was so scatterbrained that I managed to lock my house keys inside the house on the kitchen table. Thankfully my car keys were separate so I could still get to my interview on time. Once it was over, I knew I had to get back into my house and had not gotten around to making a spare key yet. I found the number for 10 Minute and called them before I left the parking lot of my interview and he was pulling up to my house right when I did 20 minutes late. He had me back in my home just minutes later so that I could get changed and go out on the town to celebrate my new job instead of wasting my night waiting all night for an unreliable locksmith. I would definitely call them again.
Review by Mia Green on 27-12-2015
When we bought our new home, I wanted to make sure and have all the locks changed in the house, the idea of people I don't know with keys that can get into my house has always just creeped me out! I called 10 Minute Locksmith in St. Pete to do the job, and he did an excellent job, and much faster than any other locksmith that I've ever worked with. I had the locks changed on at least 4 different doors, and he just rekeyed a few of the inside locks for me instead of replacing them. Plus, he let me know he also does lockout services, so in case I ever lose my keys I have someone I know I trust that I can call and will be there fast. I am definitely satisfied with his great work.