10 Minute Locksmith Of Lakeland, Florida

Have you locked yourself out of your home, car, or office? You can't find your keys? Maybe you need help changing or adding an extra level of security to your home or commercial property. We’ve all been there, but when you find yourself in the middle of a lock or key emergency, it's easy to panic!

Stop! Instead of worrying, it’s time to take a deep breath, and take action!

What you need is an experienced locksmith who will be able to come to you and assist you quickly, getting the job done right the first time at a reasonable fee.

Our reliable experts are ready to show up at your location within the Lakeland area zip codes of 33801, 33802, 33803, 33804, 33809, 33810, 33811, 33812, 33813, 33815, 33805, 33806, or 33807!

We Have Qualified Technicians in Lakeland Ready To Help You With All Of Your Automotive Keys Needs!

Being locked out of your vehicle is one of the most frustrating experiences we encounter especially when the day is already stressed with important places to go and appointments to keep. Of course, these situations never seem to happen on a day when we can take our time to figure out a solution. Instead, they tend to crop up during emergency moments, and you need help in a hurry. And, when you are most vulnerable, is the time you most need a trustworthy professional who will not take advantage of your situation and overcharge for services. Call us anytime to show up at your location. We will provide you with the services you need on the spot, such as emergency lockouts or car key replacement. We will unlock your car door and provide you with a duplicate key if needed. We are also able to provide you with ignition repair or access to your trunk when you’ve broken the key, have lost your trunk key or are locked out for some other reason.

Replace car or home lock cylinder and re-keying services

Ask About Our Residential Lock Service Solutions

The one place you should always feel safe is at home. That is why it is important to make sure the technician who services your lock, and key needs is of the utmost respect and highly skilled. Don't trust just any locksmith that comes along. You and your family’s security depends on the quality of the locks and security systems you have in place. You deserve a skilled technician who is polite and able to help you when you need it most. Our services include a comprehensive knowledge and skill of working with residential locks. When you or your child or other family member is locked out, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We will come to you and get you back inside quickly. If necessary, We will also be able to perform any additional lock and key services necessary, such as re-keying your locks, installing new ones, or providing you with a duplicate key right then and there. We are also knowledgeable and able to recommend the best security system for your home, or to provide you with a key-less entry system so you never every have to worry about losing a key again.

Commercial Lock Needs in Polk County Area

If you own a small business or manage commercial property in Polk County, chances are you will have to eventually deal with a business lockout. You, your employee, or a building lessee may find that they have lost their key and cannot get inside. But, this is not the only situation when you may need a commercial lock expert. We also handle locks on inside doors, filing cabinets, safes, storage facilities, or desk drawers. Our professional technicians in Lakeland, Florida are skilled and ready to replace your lock cylinder or re-key your lock if needed.

Don't risk your commercial property to just anyone claiming to understand locks. Your productivity is at risk, so we work fast to get your business unlocked and secured quickly. We will handle all of your business locks needs in an efficient and professional manner.

At Your Service 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week for 24/7 Emergency Lockout Services

Locks, keys, and security emergencies are the most worrisome, but they don't need to be ever again when you trust our reliable team of experts who are professional and know how to handle your workplace, automobile, or home security and locking needs. Just call us anytime. We are ready to service your emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are in the Lakeland area, or any of the 33801, 33802, 33809, 33810, 33803, 33804, 33811, 33805, 33806, 33812, 33813, 33815 or 33807 zip codes, give us a call now to contact us today! We would love to help! We are staffed and ready to come to your rescue now!

Recent Reviews
Review by Nathan Hutchings on 09-12-2021
Great service
Locked my keys in my truck, felt like an idiot. These guys came out quick and I was in my truck even quicker. Moe is the man!
Review by James Berkes on 01-11-2021
Excellent work, Joe!
My wife locked her keys in the car with it running a couple of days ago and we called 10 minute locksmith, and literally from the time I called them to the time the door was open was right around 20 minutes! Incredible! Joe was our technician here in Lakeland and he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Can't recommend this company enough, good work
Review by Shawntrese on 06-03-2018
They came within 20 min and opened my car within 10 seconds I'd recommend them to any one the technician was extremely nice and professional and so was the young lady that took the service call and the price was reasonable
Review by Rebecca on 15-09-2017
Responsive and on time
I highly recommend this business, These guys took care of me immediately. They were able to re-program my key when several other local place couldn't, Thanks! Really appreciate it.
Review by Bill Patterson on 15-03-2016
Fast & very well priced.
First dates have never gone well for me, so when my car key broke off in the ignition of my fairly new vehicle I honestly just wasn't surprised. My date was already a bust so she went on her merry way and I went back in the restaurant for a recommendation of someone who could fix it and help me end this awful night. The person I spoke with put me in touch with 10 Minute and he said he could come and replace my ignition with no problem. He came out to the restaurant parking lot, removed the old ignition with the broken key and replaced it with a new one in less time than it took for the entire date to be over, they helped salvage what was left of my night, and now my car has a nice new ignition to show for it.
Review by Gordon C. on 24-12-2015
I re-keyed 5 door locks, I very much appreciated his work, Would highly recommend. Thank you.