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Becoming locked out of your car, home or office can cause a disruption in your life that can bring about enough stress all by itself, The staff at 10 Minute Locksmith Treasure Island florida understand this and that is why we are committed to making sure that you have the best experience when facing these challenges, We are a company that is always open, being prepared at any time to assist you with your specific needs, We have been helping people just like you since 2012, always providing timely and affordable services that are delivered by professional and empathetic staff.

Many people in Treasure Island do not predict to find themselves in a car lockout situation, In the past unlock car door services were easy and routine, However with the advancement of technology car key replacement has become more complex as well as accessing new vehicles that also have anti theft security measures within the car itself, Even what used to be a simple task of ignition repair is not typical like it used to be in the past, we can help you in any scenario whether it be car key replacement, transponder keys, FOB keys, broken key extraction, key re-programming and even ignition replacement or repair.

Our services also include house lockouts which are becoming more and more common. Many residential services that we come across go beyond rekeying, Locks change easily, however for the homeowner that wants true peace of mind, we specialize in high security locks, Our Treasure Island fl locksmiths are experts in home security and will present you with the best methods to rekey locks so that they will be secure and tamper proof, You also will not have to worry about falling victim to mass produced locks when you rekey your locks, Mass produced locks run the risk of having a duplicate key that goes to your lock, Imagine having a house lockout and then someone in your neighborhood has a lock that can open your door, we create unique keys when the locks change so this does not occur.

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We also understands the commercial needs for businesses that need dependable and secure locks, With many commercial offices and buildings relying upon technology to maintain their lock systems, a business lockout can occur any time unexpectedly, This is why 10 Minute Locksmith Treasure Island is able to do rekeying of standard locks and access control systems, Whatever your commercial needs are, you can be assured that we can create a custom solution that caters specifically to your lock needs even including lock cylinders, It is common for a business to have several types of rekeying processes to be performed as there are more technological advanced locks mixed with replacing lock cylinders that may be used for drawers, filing cabinets and other areas within the facility.

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Whether you have a business lockout or just need rekeying, we can assist you in your commercial lock needs, We are a 24 / 7 locksmith Treasure Island fl company that is always available any time, any day, we make ourselves accessible to you 24 / 7 because emergency situations can occur anytime, No one ever plans to use a unlock door service, When you go home you do not expect to have a home lockout, When you go to the office you are not planning on rekeying your commercial buildings locks, This is why we operate a state licensed, bonded and insured locksmith company that is available 24 / 7

What separates us apart from everyone else is our commitment to make the best experience for you, We will secure you whenever you need it, That is our guarantee.

Recent Reviews
Review by Alex on 24-04-2016
I've worked with quite a few different locksmiths in many different parts of the country, and 10 Minute is, hands down, the best and most professional company I've used. Their price quotes are great, and they actually stick to them, so as long as they treat my lock with care, which they do, I'll keep using their services as I need them.
Review by John Allen on 31-12-2015
Unfortunately, I had to let my front office worker of my business go because I learned that she was using her keys to get into our extra cash in the desk for emergencies, and was using it to pay her overdue bills and buy herself lunch! I couldn't believe it, but when I fired her I couldn't find her set of keys to the desk and safe. I decided that to be safe, I should go ahead and have those locks replaced and get new keys so that I don't have to worry. 10 Minute Locksmith came out the same day I called them, and did an incredibly good, professional job on our locks. You can't even tell that they've been replaced, and I know I don't have to worry about someone breaking in and stealing everything. I'm definitely satisfied with their work, and I even have a few of their cards that I give out if anyone asks for a recommendation.