Questions And Answers - Orlando

Q: How did you get started?

A: We began our services with one desire – To provide excellent service! We have worked hard to build and maintain our trustworthy reputation. It is our goal to provide quality locksmiths service to the people of Orlando, Florida in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner.

Q: What do you recommend to know before hiring you?

A: When you hire us to help with your locks, We will need to know what you are needing done. It is helpful if you are able to let our technicians know the type of locks you currently have and how many locks need service or replacement.

Q: How can we save money hiring you?

A: Our expert technicians not only do the job you pay them to do but also guarantee the quality of their work and inspect the locks to give you the peace of mind that the work is done well the first time.

Q: What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?

A: Before allowing a locksmith to work on your locks, you should first ask if they are licensed and then also make sure they are insured, and how extensive is the technician’s skills and experience. Before agreeing to any work, you should also ask and agree upon the price and amount of time expected to arrive at your location.

Q: What is important to know about your profession?

A: We aim for employing the highest quality services in the field. Learning the locksmith trade is something that we take very seriously. It requires a great deal of time and effort before a technician is proficient and skilled enough to work efficiently in the field. The best locksmiths usually complete an apprenticeship as part of their training.

Q: Do you offer any service after finishing the work?

A: We understand that there are times when the hardware that we installed was faulty unbeknownst to us, or that there may be a rare occurrence when the work was not done properly the first time. In either case, we always provide you with a warranty that guarantees you quality service and parts.

Q: What we may not know about you?

A: Many people associate hiring a locksmith with a high priced bill, but the truth is that we provide you with quick, on-the-spot service, arriving to help within about 20 minutes at rates you can afford. No unpleasant surprise when we show you the cost. In fact, Our rates are among the most reasonable prices in the Orlando, Florida area.

Q: What brands do you work with?

A: We use products from these brands: Kwikset, Schlag, Mortise, Figure-8, Medeco, Ilco, JMA.

Q: What certifications / licenses do you have?

A: It is our ambition to make sure our technicians are prepared and skilled to handle any locks and key job that comes their way. This includes training them to handle with excellence any emergency, locks repair or replacement that comes their way. We also insure our staff for both your and our protection.

Q: How many projects do you average in a year?

A: Our skilled technicians average more than 4,000 projects each year. We work around the clock everyday of the year, even holidays. Each technician usually works on at least two jobs a day and spends approximately two hours to complete each service call.

Q: What are you specialized in?

A: We specialize in residential, automobile, and commercial locks, and keys. Specifically, we handle car key replacement, unlocking car doors, repairing ignition switches, getting you back inside your home when you are locked out, locks changes, locks re-keying, and new lock installation.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: We are most proud when we are able to help keep our customer secure and assist during an emergency such as a call we received when a customer called in a panic in the middle of the night saying he had locked himself out of his house. Our qualified technician was able to get to his location in no time, get him back inside safe and sound and left no damage behind.

Q: What types of jobs are the most common?

A: Out of all of the locks and keys emergencies that happen each and every day, we tend to see two most commonly. These include calls from someone locked out of their home and calls for people who need locks changed due to a number of different security concerns such as moving into a new place or going through a divorce or some other change that affects who has access to your keys.