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You have locks for a reason - Nothing is more important than your safety and security. These locks are intended to protect you and your property, your assets and valuables. When you lose your keys, Something goes wrong with a lock or key, or you want advice on installing new locks, upgrading to electronic locks or adding a security system, a trusted and professional locksmith is the one to call.

Our experts are here 24/7 to handle your emergencies and always willing to schedule an appointment for everyday lock needs. We put your safety and security first and foremost with our fast, local, affordable and reliable services. We handle all of your automobile, residential, and commercial services needs in Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida area.

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Our reliable team of experts are here to serve you anytime, day or night and even on holidays when you need a locksmith in a hurry. We are close by and local which means, We will be by your side to help with your emergency in no time and will never over charge.

Why You Need Our Automotive Services?

You may think it will never happen to you, but being locked out of your car is just the beginning of why everyone needs to have a mobile company ready to call when you need it. Some of the most common calls we receive for key made needs include when you are locked outside of your car, need to replace your car key, or when you need a new car key, regardless of whether it is a traditional metal key that needs to be cut or a newer fob programmable key.

When you can't open your trunk because you have lost your key or locked it inside the car, or maybe your key broke off inside the lock, You will need help to get your trunk open. Because anybody could claim they have lost their keys in order to gain access to what is inside your trunk, Be prepared to provide proof that you are the owner of the vehicle before our technician will be able to help. (According to Orlando, Florida law)

If you turned your key, and it broke off regardless of whether it is stuck inside the car door lock or the ignition, We are here to help. Getting you back inside your vehicle when the key is locked inside or broken, and your engine is still running or you have a pet or child locked inside

Locked Out Of Your House? Residential Locks Needs?

Your home should be the one place you feel the safest! One of the best ways to ensure top-notch security is to have reliable locks. The first thing every home owner, apartment or condominium renter needs to do when they move into a new space is to have new locks installed or to have existing locks re-keyed to make sure you are the only one with a working key to your front door. Even if you've lived there for years, it's important to get your locks changed or re-keyed if you are going through a divorce or have a roommate whom you no longer feel you can trust. Our team of professionals are also ready to assist you with an emergency such as when you find yourself locked out of your own home.

Call us today for reliable help with residential needs such as when you discover you are locked out of your home or can't find your keys. Our technicians treat this as an emergency and come to your house immediately.

When your lock is in good working order, but you need it to be re-keyed so that only a new key will open the lock. Whether you find yourself in an emergency situation after an attempted break-in or you recently moved into a new house or apartment and schedule an appointment with us. When you turn your key and hear a horrible snap sound, you've broken your keys inside the lock, Call us for help!

When you need new locks replaced, whether it is because of an emergency burglary attempt or a routine scheduled appointment when moving into a new home, our qualified technicians are here and ready to service your locks. Our technicians are also able to recommend the best security systems for your home needs.

The garage is a common point of entry for burglars. Don't let this happen to you. Call us to talk about installing or repairing your garage door locks

If you are prone to losing your keys, an electronic keypad entry is your best bet. Call us to get you set up with the best one for your budget and needs. We will also install or replace mailbox locks to keep your mail secure.

Full Services For Commercial Properties and Small Businesses

If you own or manage a business or have commercial properties you rent out to residents, you need a reliable locksmith on call to show up and help immediately when you need it most! When you get a call that an employee has lost their keys or is locked out of the office, Your livelihood and their safety is at stake. If an employee quits or gets fired, You need to take precautions to ensure the safety of other employees and your property by re-keying your locks.

The first step any new business owner needs to take is to have their locks changed or re-keyed before taking possession of a new office space. You don't know who has access to these keys, so the safest thing to do is to start fresh. Another time to get new locks is when an employee has quit or been fired in a huff. Avoid possible retaliation, and just go ahead and change the locks. Our commercial services team are trained and ready to handle when you or your employees find themselves locked out, Break a key off inside the lock or lose their keys.

Our Orlando FL expert technicians are also able to set up and recommend the best security systems for your needs, Create master key systems, or install an electronic keypad entry system for your employees. For buildings that have heavy traffic, You will need to make sure you are following emergency evacuation codes that require specific types of exit door hardware.

We will send a qualified technician to your location within minutes of receiving your call!

Our technicians are ready to come to your location to handle all of your lock and key emergencies or everyday locking needs for residential, automobile, commercial, or 24/7 around-the-clock emergency locksmith needs. We show up in a hurry and get the job done right the first time at a price you can afford.

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Recent Reviews
Review by Daniel on 19-09-2022
Easy Keys
We had some problems with our shop keys and Mohammed came through and made us great working keys within minutes!
Review by Anna on 13-09-2022
Juan was very nice and unlocked my car super fast! Got to me in about 30 minutes after I called. Definitely recommend.
Review by Mya on 20-08-2022
He did a fantastic job and kept a great conversation even made some jokes he is a amazing locksmith .
Review by Elijah on 11-06-2022
Great service
josh was very helpful and did a good job
Review by Edie on 11-06-2022
Great service
Josh did amazing job! Quick to respond and in a matter of less than 5 minutes the job was done. Thank you !!
Review by Rebecca j Honeycutt on 20-05-2022
great job less then 5mins
All of them
Review by Jennifer on 09-03-2022
Ryad was professional and honest
Ryad was very helpful, honest and worked fast to get my problem solved.
Review by Nadya on 21-11-2020
Mohammed saved my life!!!!
So long story short, very anxious me locked my keys in in my car AT WORK. It was very frustrating considering my line of work, we were so busy and rude people everywhere! Mohammed called me several times and because I was at work, I was not able to pick up right away. He had patience with me from my frustrated attitude to me not being as reachable. He very fast to get to me, and approached me very calmly and gentlemen like with a great attitude despite the episode of reoccurring events in our few minutes of contact. He really worked with me to make sure that I was satisfied. THANK YOU SO MUCH MOHAMMED, you’re AMAZING and very much appreciated ☺️
Review by Kevin Whitemore on 31-01-2020
Not cheap
Mark was awesome. He was a consummate professional. Prompt polite competent. I have a working key in under an hour. What is not to like? 170 for a 2002 xterra seems pricey but. Mark was awesome
Review by Thalia Valentin on 17-01-2020
Got locked out of car
Got lock out of my car a very nice man showed up very respectful very professional asked me if i needed help i said yes it was a very busy day for me very stressful and he kindly helped me by unlocking my car thank you very much got to get home safe and go to work again it was fast work thank u.
Review by Diogenes on 24-03-2019
Great service.
Today my mother locked herself out of her car while at a store. I had to call a locksmith to unlock her car. I found 10 Minute Locksmith through Google. I made a quick phone call and was told that the locksmith would be calling me shortly, 5 minutes later I was speaking with the locksmith by the name of Mohammad. He was incredibly quick unlocking the car for my mother. He was very polite and knowledgeable. I would recommend 10 Minute locksmith to anyone in need of a locksmith.
Review by Natalya Stultz on 19-01-2019
Respectful and Quick
Opy is a lifesaver ! Got to my house quickly and efficiently opened my car so i can retrieve my keys. Would DEFINITELY recommend!
Review by Latosha Johnson on 12-01-2019
Great Customer Service
Opy came within 10 minutes after I called about me leaving my keys in the car, he had a friendly smile and was very nice, he did the job within minutes, thank you Opy for your services, I will recommend you to everyone, Thanks 10 Minute Locksmith for sending out Opy.
Review by Misty White on 28-12-2018
Fast and afordable!!
The guy that came out was very professional and quick. Not only did he come in a timely manner but also did everything very quickly. Quicker than I would have expected it to take. On top of being fast, the price for a key replacement was cheaper than multiple places that I had called around. I called about 7 or so places before I found this one. Don't waste your time with other expensive and timely places. They're the best!
Review by Whitney Embry on 12-12-2018
Highly recommend
Abdalla arrived exactly when he said he would, was very respectful and worked quickly with no damage to the car. After calling 5 companies, they were not only the fastest to be able to come out, but reasonably priced. I will recommend them to everyone. Thank you!!
Review by diane moore on 04-03-2018
Bedroom door locked
The gentlemen arrived promptly on Sunday morning to unlock the bedroom door. Very nice man.
Review by Jessie Y. on 05-09-2017
Good communication, fair prices
I called him from the Airport and he came within 10 minutes, Very helpful, and fairly priced service. Thanks!!.
Review by Brittany J. on 08-04-2016
My roommate of 2 years moved out because she was getting married and moving in with her husband, and I needed a new one right away so I went online and found one within a week. Well… it turns out looking for a new roommate online isn't always the best bet because the roommate that seemed amazing and super nice during the interview turned into a crazy person just a few weeks later. After I had to call the police because he broke things while he was drunk, I kicked him out and wanted my locks changed immediately so there was no way he could get back in. 10 Minute Locksmith was out to me within what seemed like minutes and installed the best lock he had, I even had him install a new lock on the backdoor for safe keeping. I would definitely recommend 10 Minute for anyone with the same problem.
Review by Danny on 18-03-2016
My family and I have owned a local business in Orlando for a few months now, and since we're new in town we don't always know who to call when we need something. A few weeks ago I went to unlock the front door of the store and my key broke off in the lock right in my hand. We were supposed to be open for business for the day in less than an hour, so I ran to the neighboring business to ask for a recommendation for a fast, quality locksmith. They gave me a card for 10 Minute so I called them up. I talked with someone who was really nice and understanding, and they dispatched someone to me right away. After the technician got the key out and the door opened, I still had 10 minutes to get things ready before I had to let customers in.
Review by Victor on 26-01-2016
When I moved into my apartment, I insisted to the landlord that I get new locks installed, I've had issues with past tenants helping themselves to my things before, so I won't live anywhere now unless I can install my own locks. When he agreed to let me change them, I was on the phone with 10 Minutes Locksmith right away. They had an appointment available the same day, and they were right on time. I had him change the door lock and the dead bolt on the front door, as well as the lock on the side door and on my bedroom door as well. I was totally impressed with how quickly he managed to get all those locks done, and they work much better now than the old locks used to work. I felt totally comfortable with his work, and am thankful he left me a card in case I ever get locked out.
Review by Rita Clark on 30-12-2015
I was totally shocked when I went to start my older car one day and the old key broke off in the ignition! I was terrified that my car was totally unusable now, but I found out that apparently you can have the broken key extracted, and have a new key made! I couldn't believe it was possible, but I called 10 Minute Locksmith Orlando, and he came out and assured me that it wouldn't be terribly difficult to do, and it was going to cost me way less money than I thought I was going to have to spend to get it fixed. I was so thrilled when he had the broken key extracted really fast! I got my spare key and was ready to go later that day. I thought my whole day, if not life, was ruined because I was going to have to miss work and have no care, but they saved me!
Review by Erica T. on 21-12-2015
So fast and great customer service!
Ted is amazing, He came to my house and fix the lock on my back door, I hardly recommend. Thank you.