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For every individual living in our modern society, the need for safety and security should be given the utmost attention, This is the reason why electronic security devices, keys and locks were created, They were created with the purpose of addressing the need for protection of properties, assets and valuables, Locksmiths play a very important role in your life, We may sometimes be taken for granted and go unnoticed, but our professional locksmith Orlando FL services and Kissimmee area are here to help you whenever you are in need.

Why You Need Our Automotive Locksmith Orlando Services

There are several reasons why you would need our services, For instance, you may experience a lockout, and you need unlock car door service, it is us you need to call, We will deal with other services such as car key replacement as well as key made and ignition repair, All you need to do is to contact us wherever you may be, and we will come running to your rescue, With our team of professionals in Orlando to help you out, you will free yourself from hassle.

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Avail Of Our Residential Services

One of the most basic services that you can avail of is installing locks in your home, Of course, you only want to make sure that lives and properties inside your house are protected accordingly, But what about emergency house lockout in Orlando? Nobody wants to deal with that, but we are here to help you out, We can also take charge of locks change and we also rekey locks for your safety and protection.

Feel Safe With Our Commercial Locksmith

A business lockout is something that is detrimental to your business, It can significantly impact the productivity of your company and at the same time pose some threats to your security, With our re-keying services, we can update the lock system of your business facility, giving you more peace of mind knowing that no threats will harm your company, We can also replace lock cylinder in case you need a new one, Our automotive locksmiths Orlando Florida may be called for different reasons and not just with duplication or fabricating replacement.

Less Worry With Our 24/7 Emergency

Perhaps this is the most demanding type of service that we offer, Providing a 24/7 locksmith Orlando FL is our forte, and we are always ready to assist you even when you call us at the most unimaginable hours of the day or night, There are several reasons that you might need our services, and you do not have to worry because we are always ready for that, Even though unlikely situations may occur, you will always be assured that you can contact us for all your professional locksmith needs.

Note: The least estimation of the service is cost, There can be fluctuations in final cost depending on the locks security level along with charges of the lobar involved.

The service can be estimated by cost which varies according to cutting and building of the key. Costs of programming and job difficulty have their share in determining the cost.

Recent Reviews
Review by Brittany J. on 08-04-2016
My roommate of 2 years moved out because she was getting married and moving in with her husband, and I needed a new one right away so I went online and found one within a week. Well… it turns out looking for a new roommate online isn't always the best bet because the roommate that seemed amazing and super nice during the interview turned into a crazy person just a few weeks later. After I had to call the police because he broke things while he was drunk, I kicked him out and wanted my locks changed immediately so there was no way he could get back in. 10 Minute Locksmith was out to me within what seemed like minutes and installed the best lock he had, I even had him install a new lock on the backdoor for safe keeping. I would definitely recommend 10 Minute for anyone with the same problem.
Review by Danny on 18-03-2016
My family and I have owned a local business in Orlando for a few months now, and since we're new in town we don't always know who to call when we need something. A few weeks ago I went to unlock the front door of the store and my key broke off in the lock right in my hand. We were supposed to be open for business for the day in less than an hour, so I ran to the neighboring business to ask for a recommendation for a fast, quality locksmith. They gave me a card for 10 Minute so I called them up. I talked with someone who was really nice and understanding, and they dispatched someone to me right away. After the technician got the key out and the door opened, I still had 10 minutes to get things ready before I had to let customers in.
Review by Victor on 26-01-2016
When I moved into my apartment, I insisted to the landlord that I get new locks installed, I've had issues with past tenants helping themselves to my things before, so I won't live anywhere now unless I can install my own locks. When he agreed to let me change them, I was on the phone with 10 Minutes Locksmith right away. They had an appointment available the same day, and they were right on time. I had him change the door lock and the dead bolt on the front door, as well as the lock on the side door and on my bedroom door as well. I was totally impressed with how quickly he managed to get all those locks done, and they work much better now than the old locks used to work. I felt totally comfortable with his work, and am thankful he left me a card in case I ever get locked out.
Review by Rita Clark on 30-12-2015
I was totally shocked when I went to start my older car one day and the old key broke off in the ignition! I was terrified that my car was totally unusable now, but I found out that apparently you can have the broken key extracted, and have a new key made! I couldn't believe it was possible, but I called 10 Minute Locksmith Orlando, and he came out and assured me that it wouldn't be terribly difficult to do, and it was going to cost me way less money than I thought I was going to have to spend to get it fixed. I was so thrilled when he had the broken key extracted really fast! I got my spare key and was ready to go later that day. I thought my whole day, if not life, was ruined because I was going to have to miss work and have no care, but they saved me!
Review by Erica T. on 21-12-2015
So fast and great customer service!
Ted is amazing, He came to my house and fix the lock on my back door, I hardly recommend. Thank you.