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Automotive Ser. Residential Ser. Commercial Ser.
Emergency Car Door Unlock Lost house keys Or House Lockout Mail Box / File Cabinet Lockout
$45* $45* $35*
Car Key Replacement/ Transponder Keys Fob Re-key Locks File Cabinet Or Mail Box Change
$90* $19* $25*
Ignition Repair Or Ignition Replacement Replace Or Change Locks Fresh Lock Installation
$90* / $65* $25* $45*
Broken Key Extraction / Re-Programming Install New Locks Safe Lockout
$85* $45* $45*

Note : Service Call Fee - Trip Charge $19
- Cost is approximate for the service and it can largely vary, Labor charges and the locks security level are determinants of the cost.
- The minimum estimate for the service is cost which may vary because of the difference in cutting and building the ignition or key, Final cost depends on the programming cost and also the difficulty involved in the job.

Our company is the top rated and premier locksmith services in the Tampa Bay Florida area, Available 24/7, We are always here for you, because getting locked out doesn't happen at the most convenient times, it happens at the least convenient times, Our specially trained and certified professional locksmith Tampa Florida can handle all of your needs from being locked out to getting a new security system feature installed.

Leading Automotive Locksmith Tampa FL with Wide Range of Services

The only thing worse than being locked out of your house or car or maybe you left your keys in the trunk and/or business is waiting for hours for a Tampa locksmith to arrive, We make each and every person a priority so we understand that you are in a hurry to get back to life, Lockouts companies are often the first call made when someone is locked out of a place, but our experts can do so much more than just get you back into your car or house, Our technicians at 10 Minute Locksmith Tampa FL services can prevent it from ever happening again, while still keeping your home and car secure.

Fully-Equipped And Ready Team

Our 24 Hour emergency home or car Tampa locksmith technicians are all certified and insured, The world of locksmithing has taken on more responsibilities in the past decade than the profession needed before, Yes, a Tampa locksmith can get you in if you left your keys inside your car or home, but at our company, we unlock a trunk, which is actually a likely place to leave keys, and provide you with a duplicate to leave in a secure place, We can make a replacement or a new key for your vehicle, even if it requires a transponder or a chip, We will come to you in minutes to unlock your car door or lost key replacement and ignition repair.

Sometimes it is not an issue of a car lock out that is the problem, but a car lock in, This is when you step out of your vehicle for a moment and a dog or child takes it upon themselves to lock themselves in the car, This is a moment of panic no parent wants to know, we have an unbelievably quick response time because we know that each moment will feel like an eternity, Our Tampa Locksmith mobile units with teams of experts can come unlock your door and even install a security system to allow for remote unlocking from you mobile device.

Our team of expert locksmith Tampa FL technicians can replace the keys for your motorcycle, boat, RV, house or car lockout situation and more, Sometimes you face a broken ignition or a key replacement, This is not a problem, all of our specially trained Tampa locksmith have the ability to replace or repair your ignition, This is one of the skills we have that enables you to get back on the road and back to your life quicker and safe without all the fuss from our fully updated technology and instant mobility company.

Wide Ranging Solutions For All Our Customers

A person's home really is their castles, Since most of us lack the ability to build a moat, having home security is the best way to protect not only the home, but the people and belongings which dwell within it, Hopefully, you will never experience coming home to find that it has been burglarized, If it does happen though, the first order of business, after filing a police report, is to change and upgrade the locks, Until this happens, a home will not have security, Our expert will come to your location and provide bump proof and high security lock installation, We will provide deadbolt and door knob installation, new patio door locks, mailbox re-keying, and even new cabinet locks.

Our emergency locksmith Tampa is available 24/7 on Christmas, Sundays, weekdays, at 2 am, anytime you need us, we are available, We can change your locks, re-key current locks, create a master key for your property, install locks where there weren't any previously, and even give you new mailbox locks, All of these options enable us to make you that much safer. It may be an upgrade to a deadbolt that fits your needs or a more complex digital system or an industrial, commercial locksmiths for your factory or business, Either way we are equipped to handle your needs.

commercial and residential-locks collection

Your business may not be the house, but it is your livelihood and it still needs to be protected especially one that is privately owned, provides security and stability to every individual who works there. Luckily, it is possible to upgrade security BEFORE the hindsight stage, Keyless entry systems reduce the risk of keys falling into the wrong hands by requiring an alphanumeric code to gain business access after working hours, For homes that have children who always lose their keys we provide installation of keyless entry systems, Using an important date, like their birthday, teaches kids responsibility while providing a secure code that they can remember with ease, We're a professional Tampa locksmith service receive training on a regular basis to insure all of the locksmithing techniques are the most current and state of the art available.

The idea of using keyless locks can also be used for access to secure or restricted areas by using a digital lock, Some are designed to require a code, others require a fingerprint or special access card for a business establishment or industrial enterprise, We are professional and qualified to install any of these to help secure your business, If these are beyond the budget or you just prefer a more traditional locking system. We can provide a master key system services and replace the cylinders in the current locks to make them more secure, also we provide :

- Bump proof and high security lock installation
- Keyless entry locks for residential or industrial needs
- Deadbolt and Door knob installation
- Patio door locks and Mailbox
- Re-keying cabinet locks.

24/7 Emergency And Fast Response

All of our professional locksmith Tampa emergency services start off with a free estimate, We value your safety and will work with you to find the best and most affordable option, We offer a 20% car lockouts or any locksmiths discount to residents of Tampa bay to bay Dale Mabry and the area surrounding the International Airport, So when you are locked out of anywhere at anytime and need a reliable locksmith in Tampa Florida, call the professionals service for any Automotive, Residential, Emergency, Commercial and Industrial needs.

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We are not only offers the locksmith services you need, we also offer key cutting for your vehicle, as well as ignition switch repair services. If your car is domestic, such as Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, or Cadillac, our technicians are all highly trained to take care of any and all of your key related automotive needs. But don't worry if you have a foreign vehicle like Nissan, Honda, Infiniti, Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Acura, Mazda, BMW, Subaru, Saab, Volvo, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Fiat, Audi, Lexus, Mini, Skoda, Jaguar, or Alfa Romeo, We can take care of cutting you a new key or repairing your ignition switch quickly and easily as well, We can not only fix your key or ignition related issues, we do it faster and better than any other company in town. If you need a key cut or your ignition fixed as fast as possible, but with the skill of a highly trained technician, look no further than our company in the Tampa bay area.