About Us

We are a 24 7 locksmith company established in 2012. Through timely and affordable locksmith services, we have built up a reputation for ourselves and immensely value the confidence and trust reposed in us by our esteemed clientele.

Security, whether at home, office, industry or business premises – or for that reason a wide range of automobiles have come a long way from traditional methods. A professional locksmith today,is not just the chissel and hammer craftsmen who would simply break open a metal lock and replace it with a new one.

Digital technology has significantly impacted the manner in which we secure several things around us. Access control systems replacing the traditional time keepers can do the same job much more meticulously and simultaneously take on the task of an additional department like payroll. The modern day locksmith is therefore trained and at home with the technology and circuits that drive these gadgets. Though you may enjoy a keyless access to your car, what many people tend to forget is that there still is a key and the only change is that instead of a conspicuous and shiny metal piece, you have a tiny button embedded into a piece of leather. It is important that this tiny button connects correctly with the electronic chip inside your car before you can get in or leave her securely in the parking lot.

At 10 Minute Locksmith, while we realize the impact of digital technology and the wide array of benefits it has brought to the security scene, we, as a professional locksmith are equally aware of the delicate manner in which this technology works. A small insect, for instance, gaining access into the dashboard of your car and then going on to reside on one of the chips controlling your car security can potentially throw you out of gear, perhaps temporarily until the insect moves away, or until help arrives and that can be more agonizing.

Our services include a wide range of security needs like a car lockout, home lockout, access control systems, CCTV security, 24 7 emergency locksmith services, broken key extraction, re-keying, key replacement, keyless access, duplicate keys, master keys, complete security audit and management and more.

Call us with confidence 24x7x365 and rest assured, we will secure you.