Commercial locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

For commercial establishments security systems is a prime concern and there can be several instances when they need services of a commercial locksmith to cater to alarm system installation and repair, panic and exit devices, access control systems, high security locks and cylinders, safe comibination change, CCTV installation and more. The type of commercial estabishments looking for these services will cover nearly every type of business and include office complexes, factories, hospitals, wrehouses, government establishments, banks, shops, shopping malls, shopping complexes etc. However, the security needs of each establilshment can be varied. Additional security may also be needed in places like jewelry shops and banks.

Locks of A Different Order

Most commercial establishments use locks of a different order and many of them are electronically controlled and operated. As we all know, electronic devices can suddenly become disfunctional causing a great amount of inconvenience to the business and people involved with the business. Many of these systems require expert professionals for installation, maintenance and repair. It could be a simple file cabinet lockout or a more complicated emergency business lockout. Access control systems is another key element for most businesses and a faulty access control systems can lead to serious consequences because key personnel may not be able to enter the office and discharge their duties in the normal course of business. In turn, this can potentially trigger serious consequences for the business.

The Professional Advantage

At 10 Minute , we have a team of professional who are fully trained, licensed and insured with wide ranging experience in handling every type of high end and most ordinary locks and security systems. State of the art equipment, most modern and updated technology sets them apart from just another commercial locksmith. Modern day electronic systems call for intimate knowledge of the technology and circuitry that controls the functioning of various locking devices and if your commercial locksmith is not fully abreast of these technologies, you could end up wasting plenty of time, money and even customer unhappiness in specific circumstances. you have the ability to completely relax when you have entrusted even the most complex jobs into our hands.

Affordable Services Round the Clock

Our commercial locksmith services are available to you round the clock and our quick response team can reach you within 30 minutes in most instances. With years of prompt, efficient and effective service we have built up a strong reputation with the business community and we are known for a high degree of reliabilityi. Our focus is always on providing worry free services to our customes at affordable and competitive costs.

Top Class Customer Services

Our customer support team is dedicated to providing onsite and offsite solutions to all security issues and issues concerning locks and access control system in varying deployments and circumstances. We will even go that extra mile offering on-site security consultations after examining your business security in-depth and offer solutions to enhance or optimize your existing systems. As a full security establishment, we are capable of offering a wide range of service from simple rekey solutions to emergency business lockout and other complex needs.

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