Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

10 Minute Locksmith focuses on offering its website visitors several advantages of the digital world technology and provides an interactive/personalized experience. In offering these services, we may obtain and use information that is pesonally identifiable with the user (your contact information, e-mail address, telephone numbers, and street address) subject the terms outllined below. We shall never barter, sell,or rent such personal information to any third party who is not properly authorized. Period.

Means of Gathering Information from Users

How we gather and store information is dependent on the page on our website that you visit, activities that you choose to participate and the services that are provided. For instance, when you seek access to certain paarts of our website, or when you effect a purchase, or subscribe to features like newsletters, you may be asked to provide certain information. You may provide information when you seek to particpate in contests, sweepstakes, chat rooms, message boards or other interactive media on our website. Like most other websites in the digital world,we also automatically collects information using electonics tools which may be transparent to visitors. For instance, we may use cookies to recognize you, or log your Internet Sevice Provider’s name and hold such information resulting from your visit. Cookies may, among other things, store your password and username to spare you from having to enter such information every time you visit our website, or impact the number of times a particular advertisement pops up when you visit our site. As and when we adopt new/additional technology, we may also use other means to gather information. In some instances, you may choose not to part with such information for instance, by blocking cookies through your browser settings though certain portions of our website may become unavailable to you by doing so. If you disable cookies, you may be asked to login again and our ability to customize the features on our site to suit your preferences may be compromised.

How We Use the Information Collected from You

Like other websites we collect data/information to enhance visitor experience and deliver more personalized content as well as advertising. We always respect your privacy and never share your personal information with anyone. Aggregated information (information that does not identify you personally) For instance, information related to your usage pattern may be combined with information similar in nature from other visitors to our website inorder to help enhance user experience, our services and our website itself. (e.g. to understand which pages are viewed by most visitors, or what features attract more visitors) Occasionally, aggregated information may also be shared with our business partners and advertisers. Again, such sharing of information will not include any information that is capable of identifying you personally or allow anyone to individually identify you. Personally identifiable informatiion collected on our site may be used to communicate with you regarding your customiation preferences, your registration, our privacy policy, Terms of Service, products and services offered by us and other topics that in our opinion might interst you.

Information that is personally identifiable and collected through our website may also be used for other purposes including – but not limited to – trouble shooting, site administration, processing of commercial transactions (e-commerce), administering contests and sweepstakes, and other communications necessary with you as and when needed. Some third parties entrusted with the task of providing technical support for the efficient operation of our website (for example, web hosting service) may access your personal information. However, such information will be used only as provided for under law. Additionally, as our buisness grows, we may buy, sell, merge or enter into partnership with other businesses or companies. The assets transferred in such instances may include user information. Your personal information may also be disclosed if a court order warrants, or on other occasions when we may be reasonably required by law to do so, with regard to collection of moneys owed to us by you, and/or law enforcement personnel whenever it is deemed necessary and appropriate by us. Please take note that, you may not be provided with notice in such instances, prior to the disclosure.

Linked Sites, Advertisements And Affiliated Sites

we expects its advertisers, partners, and affiliates to respect the privacy of our visitors/users . That notwithstanding, you should also be aware however, that third parties including our advertisers, partners, affiliates and other content providers accessible via our website may have their own specific policies on data collection and privacy. For instance, during the course of your isiting our site, you may view or link to whole or part of a frame on one of our website pages, content that is in fact created and hosted by third parties. You may also be introduced through our site, or enabled access to web sites, information, features, sweepstakes, contests offered by such third parties. we shall not be responsible for the policies or actions of such third parties. Therefore, while providing information on a page or a feature operated by third parties, you are required to check the privacy policies appalicable to such third parties. While you are visiting our site, our promotional partners, advertisers, or other third parties may introduce cookies or other appropriate technologoy in their attempt to identify your preferences or gather information about you. For instance, part of our advertising is by third parties and may likely include cookies to enable the advertiser determine if you have seen a specific advertisement earlier. Othe features on our website may also offer services run by third parties and can use cookies or other appropriate technology for gathering information. 10 Minute Locksmith has no control over the use of such technology employed by third parties or the information resulting from them and cannot assume responsibility for any of thepolicies or action of such third parties. You should also know that if you disclose information that is personally identifiable voluntarily on chat areas or message boards, such information can be publicly accessible and collected and used by third parties without our involvement or knowledge and may potentially result in your receiving unsolicited messages from third parties or other individuals. Such activites are not within the control of 10 Minute Locksmith and this privacy policy.


we do not solicit or collect personally identifiable information about or from children who are below 13 except as provided under law. In the event we discover, we have indeed received any infromation from children under 13 in violation of the policy laid out here, such information will be deleted immediately. If you have reasons to believe that 10 Minute Locksmith has any information about or from any person under 13, please contact us at the address provided below .

Changes to this Policy

We reserves the right to modify, add, or delete the whole or part of this policy at any time. To keep yourself updated of any such changes, please check this policy at regular intervals. When you contnue to use our website after any such changes to these terms have been posted, it would signify youracceptance of the changes. Any information collected before such changes are posted will be used in accordance with the laws and rules that were applicable when the information was collected.

Governing law

The use of this site and this policy are governed by the Florida law. In the event of a dispute arising under this policy, we agree initially try and resolve it using the help of a mediator mutually agreed – upon in the Metropolitan Florida region.Any fees or cost except the attorney fees with regard to the mediation shall be equally shared by parties to the dispute. When a solution that is mutually satisfactory cannot be arrived at through mediation, we agree to submit such dispute to binding arbitration at the Metropolitan Florida region, as enshrined under the American Arbitration Association, and the rules framed thereunder. Arbitration may be entered for judgement upon the award rendered in any court having jurisdiction to do so.

10 Minute Locksmith is administered, controlled and operated entirely within Florida. This statement, along with the policies outlined herein, do not and not intended to create any contractual/other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.