Industrial Locksmith

Industrial Locksmith

An Industrial locksmith is on the same footing as a doctor or an engineer for industrial establishments of varying sizes and description. The security needs and concerns of industrial establishments are wide and varied. In modern times, with the introduction of a wide range of electronically conrolled Alarm systems, Keyless entry, Electronic Locks, Securitiy Cameras, Access Control and so forth, an Industrial locksmith should be highly competent to handle a wide range of security gadgets and equipments.

Competent Professionals

As a full service company, we have a dedicated team of thorough bred professionals with high end training, experience and exposure to all the modern security systems and locks that different industrial establishments often employ for varying reasons. You can completely rely on our services since all our technicians are not only fully trained, but also continuously update themselves with various evolving technologies, particulary those concerning the electronic securiy systems.

Evolving Technologies

As we all know, the electronics world keeps changing almost by the day and unless your industrial locksmith is completely abreast with thse changs, the quality of service that you recive could potentially be compromised. All our professionals are licensed and insured as required under the state laws. You can therefore be assured that you are in safe hands when you work with us. We also make significant investments in research and development of various aspects relating to industrial/commercial and residential security needs and systems.

Wide Range of Options

In modern times, industrial security calls for a lot more than a dead bolt or a traditional lock and key. Most industrial establishments look for controlling accessibility to work spaces, finished good stores, raw material stocks, critical inventory, and other need based situations. When these systems function to their optimum potential, they are capable of impacting the bottom line of your buisness significantly. At 10 Minute Locksmith, we fully understand and appreciate the need to maintain these systems regularly to deliver the best performance. Your industrial locksmith today is therefore a well equipped and well informed professional to cater to these delicate but extremely efficient gadgets. Keyless entry, security cameras, card key systems, sliding door locks, panic hardware, electronic locks, 24 hour emergency industrial locksmith service etc. are among some of the other options you may want to consider.

Unique Security Needs

For large and medium industrial establishments, it is not uncommon to have unique security needs. To address such situations effectively, you need the services of a highly experienced industrial locksmith. You can confidently rely on the experts at 10 Minutes Locksmith because they are not only completely at home with all these modern devices but also come with rich experience to examine your complete security needs and offer appropriate solutions. Often times you may be surprised to find that our experts can find simple solutions to complex problems.

Some of the More Common And Frequent Situations

Apart from the electronically controlled security solutions, there are the every day situations that are much less complex or demanding. Yet, a rekeying task or a safe combination change must be addressed quickly so that it does not balloon into a more serious problem for your industrial establishment.

Master Keys & Locks

Many industrial establishments use master keys because the day to day operation involves a large number of keys and the master key safely stored with an authorized person/s can come to your aid in difficult situation where a lost/misplaced key can cause serious dislocation of work. Master keys are made in such a way that they can open any lock within a set of specific parameters

Repairing And Servicing Locks

Many traditional locks suffer from lack of timelly maintenance. Our experts can inspect all your locks and identify the ones which need servicing. This way, you may not be compelled to buy new locks simply because a worn out/broken part causes a problem.