Emergency locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

It is not every day that you need the services of an emergency locksmith. Yet, there are times when you need a broken key extraction or an ignition replacement or keys replacement in a hurry. The urgency can be due to varying reasons like you are stuck on the highway, your car or home is not secure without a proper lock in place etc. Whatever be the reason, it helps to know how to find an emergency locksmith closest to you and how to deal with some of these situations.

Key Attributes

In-depth technical knowledge and speed are important when you are looking for an emergency locksmith to address situations like lockout services, broken key extraction or key replacement. Expertise, up-to-date equipment, and significant experience are the other attributes that you would be looking for when you call in an emergency locksmith, we cover every bit of these details and provide sound infrastructure, experienced specialists and state of the art lock systems. Immediate services are guaranteed irrespective of whether you are looking for lockout services or simply need a key replacement.


Emergency locksmiths are expected to be fully prepared to respond to every type of critical situations. We have a fully trained team of technicians equipped with the latest equipment that is even renewed and added to on a need basis at regular intervals. Anywhere within Tampa area, you can expect our team to arrive in 10 minutes or less depending on traffic bottlenecks. But, you can rest assured that our team is on their way and won’t keep you waiting endlessly.

We Understand Your Concerns

We have a track record of great response to Fast services and we always share your concern about protecting your property and family, particularly after an unfortunate incident of burglary. You can count on our mobile units in your neighbourhood that are fully equipped with competent technicians and the required hardware and equipments to meet every kind of situation. Therefore, irrespective of whether it is an safe opening or lockout, our team is sure to reach you within minutes after your call.

Licensed And Insured Professionals

All our professionals are fully insured and deeply trained to resolve emergency situations of every kind within the industry. We make significant and continuous investments in upgrading our technology, mobile vans detailed, equipments and training/retraining our professionals. These efforts are focused on rendering quick and efficient services to you not just in an emergency, but whenever you need our services.

Preventing Future Occurrences

At your option, after the job has been addressed completely to your satisfaction, we are also happy to provide consulting to ensure that future occurences of similar events are effectively prevented. This will involve studying your complete security systems and inspecting all deadbolts, locks and other related inspects using our extensive experience and professional knowledge. Whatever you are in, reach us at 10 Minute Locksmith when your locks need attention.